Wind Storms (Dec 2009), Invention No. 2 (Aug 2005), Petite Pièce pour Piano: I. Chorale and Prelude (Nov 2004), Petite Pièce pour Piano: II. Fugue (Nov 2004), Petite Pièce pour Piano: III. Sarabande (Oct 2004), Petite Pièce pour Piano: IV. Invention (Oct 2004), Alone (Sep 2004), Journey (Apr 2004), Midnight (Apr 2003), Diana (Apr 2002).

Solo Works

WITH ACCOMPANIMENT: The Vigil for French horn and piano (Jun 2009), In Darkness for violin and piano (Mar 2004), Succumb to Fate for trumpet and piano (Feb 2004), Wake for trumpet and piano (Oct 2003). WITHOUT ACCOMPANIMENT: Multiism for harp (May 2013), Happenstance for bass clarinet (Oct 2007), ' ' for violin (Jun 2004), Lost for guitar (May 2004), Turmoil for violoncello (Mar 2004).


A Sailor's Dream for SATB and alto & tenor (Aug 2013), Nähe des Geliebten for mezzo-soprano, bassoon, harp, percussion, and viola (Dec 2005), Единственные Дни (Unique Days) for soprano and piano (Feb 2005), Dämmrung senkte sich von oben for soprano and piano (Nov 2003).


A Short Excursion {mp3:ProTools} (Nov 2006), Handiwork {reel-to-reel:Moog modules} (Mar 2003}.

Chamber Ensembles

Y Beddau tu Hwnt i'r Llwybr (The Graves Beyond the Path) {string quartet} (Dec 2008), Culture Shock {wind quintet} (Oct 2008), Sweet Abyss of Sorrow {violin I, violin II, viola, violoncello, double bass, and bass drum} (Oct 2006), A Raindrop in the Ocean {piano trio} (Mar 2006), Dance Trio (add percussion) {trumpet, violoncello, piano, and percussion} (Feb 2006), Shy {Pierrot ensemble add percussion} (Sep 2005), Reminiscent of Bach {viola, violoncello, and double bass} (Jun 2005), Brass Quintet (Oct 2004), Sax Quartet (Oct 2004), False Perceptions {violin and violoncello} (May 2004), Solemn Nights {trumpet duet} (Nov 1998).

Large Ensembles

Medra and Anieb an operetta for eight soloists and chamber orchestra (Jul 2010), The Red Dragon of Bala Lake [Y Ddraig Goch o Llyn Tegid] for full orchestra (Dec 2008), Sections from Requiem for full orchestra and choir (May 2007).