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What is cloud website hosting in fact

Cloud hosting is a quite popular expression as of now. Still, not many understand what it does actually indicate. The bulk of the webspace hosting retailers speculate feverishly about services defined as being 'cloud hosting'. Chiefly the cPanel website hosting and cPanel reseller hosting suppliers. Owing to the total lack of original business ideas, the cPanel web hosts are simply using fashionable phrases, striving to entice more website hosting clients with clever marketing techniques.

cPanel - a one server webspace hosting platform

In short, cPanel is a one server web hosting platform. One single server serves all web hosting services concurrently. On the contrary, the cloud hosting platform demands each single hosting service, such as data storage, electronic mail, File Transfer Protocol, databases, DNS, stats, web hosting CP, backup, etc. to be served by different piles of top-notch web servers in a cluster. All the clusters form the so called 'cloud'. With cPanel, the aforementioned hosting services are all being served simultaneously by one single web server. This means that no 'clouds' can be observed around cPanel-based hosting providers. Not even a single cloud...

The massive marketing swindle with cloud hosting packages

Be cautious with the various sham statements guaranteeing you 'cloud hosting' plans, mostly propagated by cPanel hosting providers. When a cPanel web space hosting trader boastfully maintains that a 'cloud' web page hosting solution is being provided, check out whether it's not a haze or a smog first. Almost everybody speculates with the term 'cloud', ultimately counting on the fact that the bulk of the users do not understand what it does actually denote.

Let's be more optimistic and return to the authentic cloud hosting services.

Hepsia - a cloud web hosting CP solution

Hepsia is a cutting-edge cloud webspace hosting platform combined with a powerful user-friendly website hosting Control Panel. Both, the cloud web page hosting platform and the corresponding website hosting CP are designed by - a top-of-the-line reseller web hosting merchant from year 2003. Unfortunately, it's a really rare occurrence to chance on a web hosting provider distributing a cloud website hosting solution on the marketplace. For unknown reasons, Google prefers cPanel-based web space hosting firms mainly. This is why we think it's advisable for people who require a hosting platform to be a little bit more aware of the Hepsia cloud website hosting solution.

Hepsia - the multi-server cloud web site hosting platform

Each site hosting service globule in Hepsia's 'cloud' is attended to by an individual group of servers, dedicated only to the specific service at hand, sharing the load generated. In this way, the hosting CP is being attended to by an independent stack of web servers, which serve the web space hosting Control Panel exclusively and nothing else. There is another cluster of servers for the mail, one more for the storage space, another for the backup, one more for the statistics, another for the MySQL databases, one more for the PostgreSQL databases, and so on. All these hosts of servers run as one complete web site hosting service, the so-called 'cloud web hosting' service.

Hepsia-based cloud hosting wholesalers

The roll with the Hepsia-based web hosting companies is not very big. The most popular names on it are ResellersPanel, NTCHosting, Lonex, Exclusive Hosting, FreeHostia, OpenHost, 50Webs, 100WebSpace, Fateback and a few others.